About Me

I guess it all started when I was studying Arts in La Sorbone. Whether or not it was a moment of impulse, I decided to leave everything behind to explore the world. During my first trip in India, I was completely mind blown and impressed by how colourful the county was. Perhaps it was another moment of impulse happening, but seeing all those colours reminded me how passionate I have always been towards photography. Since then, I haven’t stopped taking pictures, and I haven’t stopped travelling.  I’ve now traveled to 37 different countries and have lived in six, mainly across the Middle East and throughout Asia. During this time, I worked on various personal photography projects as well as an independent freelancer for multiple agencies and magazines. 


My current base at the moment is in Phnom Penh where I work as a photographer, photojournalist, videographer, and an aerial videographer for a local English newspaper. Needless to say, my own personal projects also continues.